Rio says: “I love my Zoom Groom. It’s the ultimate groom, massage and de-fur-er and I will literally roll around on the carpet and beg anyone that dares look in my direction for Zoom Groom time”….#lovin-it #please-zoom-groom-me

The Zoom Groom is the ideal brush for pets that hate being brushed. I have had a Zoom Groom for as long as I have had Rio; I actually have a few. You need minimum two, one for your cat to nuzzle while you use the second to groom (obviously). It is the ultimate massage experience and provides for a lovely bonding session. Rio will always run over if she sees me waving the Zoom Groom at her, even if I go near it she is up and ready for grooming.

I have had a few different groomers for Rio, for example a grooming glove and a Furminator. Both are good for their purpose, but the Zoom Groom is Rio’s groomer of choice. The grooming glove will pick off more loose furs and allow you to pull them from the glove afterwards, while the Furminator (please use gently), is a little firmer but will catch any fine dander.

The marketing blurb from Kong is as follows; I have added it as what is written is a very good assessment of the Zoom Groom….”The Kong Zoom Groom for Cats massages and grooms at the same time. The soft, rubber fingers are a magnet for loose hairs. The gentle massage action calms stressed or anxious cats, especially in potentially traumatic situations such as veterinarian visits. Firm and flexible rubber teeth reach through the coat to massage the skin.”

  • Easy grip brush is flexible and gentle
  • Groom and massage your cat
  • Helps prevent hairball formation